Daily Prompt: Billion Dollar Winner

Today’s Daily Prompt read as follows:

You have just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

If I were to win that much money, I would first set aside 10% to give to the Lord. However, 100 million dollars is quite excessive to give to a single church so I would split it up and donate to various churches as well as faith based organizations and charities.

I would then sell our current house and buy my parents a nice, little house in a quiet section of town for just the two of them. My sister and nephew would get their own place and I would get a nice studio apartment/loft/condo or something along those lines.

Next up: education. I would pay for the rest of my college education and my younger sister’s college tuition.

My sisters, my parents, and I would all get new cars.

I can’t forget about my brother who would definitely get a share of my winnings. My relatives wouldn’t be a stranger to the money either. You can clearly see that I’m a firm believer in the motto: “If I made it, we all made it.”

One of my goals in life is to start up a lot of shelters and programs to help the homeless and the poor. Give them a place to stay, food to eat, job training, that sort of thing. So I would make that dream a reality.

The last thing I can think of doing is travelling. I would love to see the world and go explore different places and see what the culture and the people are like. Travelling with my family would be a definite must.

I can’t think of anything I would want more. The majority of the money would go into banks. The outcome always has to be income, right? Of course I would do the usual girly type things: buy more clothes and shoes and jewelry than I would know what to do with; completely satiate my fashion desires. But I think I would be most content helping others, especially family. 

And the biggest and most important thing I would do if I were to ever win that much money? Keep my mouth shut! I wouldn’t want anyone to suddenly start trying to be my friend and get close to me once I hit it big.


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