Have you ever felt like you were drowning? Not literally drowning, but more in the sense of, ‘you have so much work to do and you can’t keep up with anything at all’? I can imagine heads bobbing up and down in passionate agreement while you shout “Yes, Cynthia! Yes! I completely understand!” No one is a stranger to stress nowadays; there’s always things to do, places to go, and people to see. I am no exception to that saying. I’ve always (read: since the tender age of 4) been on the move. My life has always been a constant blur and I never really took time out to relax. Long school days followed by even longer nights of practice, lessons, recitals, concerts, juries, meetings, presentations -not to mention homework and studying!- was the only life I knew.

This went on until I was about 18 years old and decided enough was enough.  I realized then that my sanity was much more important that any lengthy list of extracurricular’s I could put together. It was then that I decided to take time out to relax and unwind. And even though I kept myself busy with friends and schoolwork, I made sure that I had some time to breathe and not stress about the next thing that had to be checked off of my to-do list.

Enter: this blog; the place where I can record my daily thoughts, mull over interesting facts, share any personal feelings etc. etc. This is just a place where I can think and write and not worry about any of the things that stress me out.

So come along, don’t be a stranger! Let’s be friends and all share thoughts. I hope you enjoy your view into my most personal thoughts.



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